Crushcon Gold Coast are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of recycled concrete products on the Gold Coast.


Crushcon is a locally owned and operated concrete recycling and gravel supply business, operating out of Burleigh Heads since 2004.

The team at Crushcon Gold Coast are recognised as industry professionals on the Far North Coast NSW & South East QLD areas.

They are the direct supplier to the majority of coastal earth-work companies and also accommodate to the everyday DIY home improvers.

With over 30 years experience in business and management, the team at Crushcon prides itself on leading the industry.

The success of Crushcon can be attributed to the experience, hard work, professionalism and unique skill sets of their personnel, who continue to deliver a top tier of service.

Crushcon are the go-to gravel suppliers on the Gold Coast.


By us recycling concrete we utilise rubble that would otherwise be taken and dumped to landfill for disposal. As space for landfills becomes premium, the recycled concrete provides sustainability in many ways.

The simple act of recycling concrete eliminates the need to deplete our natural reserves. The concrete itself becomes aggregate and any embedded metals can be removed and recycled as well.

Many government and public projects specify to use only recycled products, reducing the need for virgin aggregates, in turn reducing the environmental impact.

Crushcon Gold Coast is centrally located at Burleigh Heads which also keeps transport cost to haul materials to a minimum. Transportation requirements for projects are also significantly reduced due to removing the cost of waste disposal and new material production needs.