Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! 

We deliver anywhere from Yatala to Byron Bay.   Just call the office to arrange.

Same day deliveries are no problem.

Do you need Gold Coast concrete removal? Call us to discuss. 

What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday 6.30 – 4.00pm

Saturdays 7.00am – 10.00am

Are you open to the general public?

Yes we are.

Is it Ok to just turn up without notice?

Sure no problem, please stop at Office window before entering.

Do you have trucks for hire?

Yes we do! Call our office to see what we can do to best suit your needs

Do you accept concrete with mesh/reo?

Yes we do.

We also accept: Clean Concrete, Oversized concrete, Pavers, Bricks, Tiles, Asphalt.

Please give me a few examples for recycled concrete aggregate use?

House pad preparation – Fines & Roadbase

Driveways – Roadbase

Construction site entrances – 40:70mm

Carparks – Fines & Roadbase

Retaining Walls and Rock Walls – 20mm, 20:40mm, 40:70mm

Drainage – 20mm, 20:40mm, 40:70mm

Concrete slabs – Fines

Swimming pools – 20mm

Why use recycled aggregates?

Concrete recycling utilises rubble that would otherwise be taken and dumped to landfill for disposal. As space for landfills becomes premium, the recycled concrete provides sustainability in many ways.

The simple act of recycling concrete eliminates the need to deplete our natural reserves. The concrete itself becomes aggregate and any embedded metals can be removed and recycled as well. Many government and public projects specify to use only recycled products, reducing the need for virgin aggregates, in turn reducing the environmental impact.

Crushcon Gold Coast is centrally located on the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads which also keeps transport cost to haul materials to a minimum.

What process is used for recycling?

Recycling of concrete is a relatively simple process. It involves breaking, removing, and crushing existing concrete into a material with a specified size and quality.

It is then put through a process of sorting and using a large powerful crusher the materials are actually crushed into concrete pieces. Embedded items such as steel are removed and any contaminants such as soil, glass and plaster. It is then run through a sifting process to capture and sort the rubble into different sizes.

Sizes from the recycling plant are the concrete Fines, Roadbase, 20mm aggregate, 20-40mm aggregate and 40-70mm aggregate. Crushcon Gold Coast accepts only quality waste material as the quality of concrete is very dependent on the quality of the recycled material used.

What should I use under concrete slabs?


Crushed concrete fines are an eco-friendly material that is economical in price and can also be used in a variety of landscaping projects.

Check out our product page for more info on Fines.

What should I use for a driveway?

The majority of our customers use Roadbase which is a 20mm minus recycled concrete.  It is a cost effective and durable solution suitable for driveways and car parks.

What should I use for rock wall drainage?

20:40mm or 40:70mm are most commonly used.

What should I use for muddy roads?

It is common practice for entrances onto constructions sites have a temporary road using mainly 20:40mm and/or 40:70mm aggregates to help reduce mud being taken on the roads by construction vehicles. 

Alternatively for high compaction road base, a combination of different sizes of fine, medium and coarse aggregates up to 20mm are recommended.

What does CBR rating mean?

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) = a test to evaluate the mechanical strength of roadbase, subgrades and base courses. The CBR test was developed to measure the load-bearing capacity of soils used in the building of roads. The harder the surface, the higher the CBR rating.  CBR tests are available on request.

Still have questions?

Crushcon is a locally owned and operated concrete supplier operating out of Burleigh Heads since 2004.

Need to know more about our concrete products, considering where to buy gravel in bulk, looking at bulk drainage gravel options, on the search for wholesale gravel near me, have questions about working with gravel supply companies, wanting to know more about road base gravel price, need to explore your crushed concrete driveway options or anything else that you need to discuss or learn about, we are happy to assist.

No matter what you want to discuss we are happy to have a chat.